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Today March 23rd

Student Division-

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Dance Trivia:

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Today's Question


Let Try and clear up the confusion in the Dance World!!

What is the Difference between Modern, Contemporary & Lyrical?

Explain and find 3 dances (video clips) that show each style. 

Yesterday's Results

Thanks for all your Research on our American dancers! 

 Michaela de Prince:

1. She was born in Sierra Leone during their civil war

2. At an early age, she became an orphan and was dropped at an orphanage by her uncle

3. Their, she was mistreated because she had a skin condition called vitiligo 4. When she was around

4, she saw a magazine photo of a ballerina and knew she wanted to be a dancer.

5. After being adopted, she comped at YAGP in 2010 and won a full scholarship to JKOS at ABT Maria Tallchief:

1. She started dance lessons at 3 years old 2. She married George Balanchine who created her Firebird role

3. She was one of the only Americans recognized in European ballet companies

4. People tried to persuade her to change her last name so she wouldn’t be discriminated against, but she refused

5. After retiring, she spoke out against discrimination and injustices.


Thanks Madison, YOU ROCK!

Miss Brook's Song of the Day
A daily song from a class playlist

One of our Favorite Lyrical Balance and warm up songs.  

Mr. Wes & The Baby Shark Warm up!! 

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The Teacher's Corner!

Mr. Greg wants to remind you to review your ballet terminology.

Here is a good Video to help!

Daily Stretch

Here is a good 8-minute stretch you can do to get moving!

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Ms. Maeghan's Awesome Ab Exercise-
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