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Today April 6th

Student Division-

Daily Stretch

Check out what it was like for choreographer Jennifer Weber on the set of "Zombies 2".

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Dutch National Ballet's 

Ballet Barre

Miss Kesha's

Jr. Modern Warm-up part 2

Broadway Daily Inspiration!

Broadway Inspiration 

Check out Broadway's "Aladdin" perform "Friend Like Me"!

Upper-Level Dancers & Teachers! 

Here is a great Website of LOTS of Live Classes!

Check out the New York City Ballet's Workout!

The Teacher's Corner!

Miss Chrissy's Song of the Day
A daily song from a class playlist
Create a dance or workout
to the song above.
Send us a video to
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Dancer Bingo

Print the Bingo card. Choose any of the activities to create a bingo. It can be 5 across, down, or diagonal. Email or pos a picture of your completed bingo card. 

Dance History

George Balanchine

Born on January 22, 1904, in St. Petersburg, Russia, George Balanchine studied ballet and music in Russia before making his way to America. He gained notoriety as a young choreographer and co-founded the American Ballet. Balanchine was the co-founder, artistic director and chief choreographer of the New York City Ballet, and nearly every ballet company in the world has performed his work. He died in New York City in 1983.

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