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Today April 8th

Student Division-

Daily Stretch

Check out how Kitty Lunn didn't let her disability keep her from dancing!

Miss Samantha's 

Tap Warm-up

Miss Nichola's

Ab Workout



For my Tap students: 

I know we're all stuck inside, here's some inspiration!!!

Miss Caroline

Upper-Level Dancers & Teachers! 

Here is a great Website of LOTS of Live Classes!

This is a great time to practice your ballet bun! Check out this video by Bloch below for a fun tutorial.

The Teacher's Corner!

Miss Brook's Song of the Day
A daily song from a class playlist
Create a dance or workout
to the song above.
Send us a video to
get posted on the website!

Dancer Bingo

Print the Bingo card. Choose any of the activities to create a bingo. It can be 5 across, down, or diagonal. Email or pos a picture of your completed bingo card. 

Dance History

Gus Giordano

Gus Giordano (July 10, 1923 – March 9, 2008), born August Thomas Giordano III, was an American jazz dancer, teacher and choreographer. He performed on Broadway and in theater and television. He taught jazz dance to thousands in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. He was the founder of Gus Giordano Dance School (1953), founder of Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago (1963), creator of the First American Jazz Dance World Congress (1990) and the author of Anthology of American Jazz Dance (1975). He taught at institutions around the world including American Ballet Theatre, The American University of Paris, Duke University, Joffrey Ballet, New York University and hundreds more. He choreographed award-winning shows for television, film, stage, commercials and industrials. Giordano is one of the founders of theatrical or Broadway jazz dance styles.

Royal Academy of Ballet

Intermediate ballet barre

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