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Today April 19th

Student Division-

Daily Stretch

There is no better time to kick your mirror-gazing habit than right now! Even though we many not have mirrors right now focusing on your computer while you dance is just as bad of a habit. Check out the article below for some helpful tips and trick to kick this bad habit!

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Upper-Level Dancers & Teachers! 

Here is a great Website of LOTS of Live Classes!

Check out Miss Samantha's Ankle Straightening exercises for pointe and pre-pointe!

Miss Rachel's

Sr. Ballet Barre

Miss Nichola's

Modern Floor

The Teacher's Corner!

Miss Samantha's Song of the Day
A daily song from a class playlist

Aladdin on Broadway

Dance Tutorial



Musical don't just happen on Broadway. Check out this full length musical, Tangled, performed on a Disney cruise ship.

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to the song above.
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Need a weekend project? Try this fun straw weaving craft!

Dance History

Fred Astaire

Born on May 10, 1899, in Omaha, Nebraska, Fred Astaire is regarded by many as the greatest popular music dancer of all time. Astaire is usually remembered for his pairings with Ginger Rogers, who starred in several films with him, including Swing Time (1936).



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