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Today March 27th

Student Division-

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Dance Trivia:

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Today's Question

Who are the women directors of these major dance companies? 

American Ballet Theater

Canadian National Ballet

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Boston Ballet

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Miss Kesha's Song of the Day
A daily song from a class playlist

The Teacher's Corner!

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Daily Stretch

Why is it important to keep dancing even at home?

Check out the article below to hear from some of the top dancers and how they are staying fit during this break.

Mrs. Rachel's 

Sr. 1-4 Ballet Barre

Check out Miss Samantha's Ankle Strengthening for dancers.

Upper-Level Dancers & Teachers! 

Here is a great Website of LOTS of Live Classes!

Daily Workout

Grab a pair of dice from a board game and enjoy this fun workout!

Miss Kesha's

Jr. Modern Warm-up part 2

Broadway Daily Inspiration!

Technology is changing the way we view Broadway Musicals. Check out the amazing advancements in lighting and costumes in the new Broadway musical "Frozen".


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