Dance Class Etiquette
  • Come as early as your schedule permits to warm-up quietly before class. Stand-up when the instructor enters the room.

  • Be on time and ready to enter the room after the previous class leaves.

  • Do not enter a class rehearsal in session without first getting permission from the instructor.

  • Students who are injured or who arrive late to class should sit quietly in the studio observing class. This is to ensure the students’ physical safety. A written observation should be turned in to the instructor at the end of the class.

  • Students may not sit down or leave class without the teacher’s permission, except in an emergency.

  • Students are not allowed to use studio pianos.

  • Chewing gum, eating or drinking is not allowed in the studio. Please keep water bottles outside the studios.

  • Street shoes are not allowed in the studio.

  • No jewelry including necklaces, bracelets long earrings and/or wristwatches should not be worn during class.

  • Hair must be secured in a bun for ballet, pull back and off the neck for all other classes

  • Dancers should only wear required dance attire in class. Loose fitting but not baggy clothes are acceptable for hip hop.

  • Movements other than the one being demonstrated or addressed by the instructor should not be practiced during that time.

  • When changing sides during exercises at the barre, please turn towards the barre.

  • Do not lean on the barres.

  • Be attentive to the instructor’s remarks.

  • Be alert to all corrections given to you and the other students in class.

  • Do not talk in class. Address any questions to the instructor.

  • Students must show respect to teachers and fellow dancers for an enjoyable learning environment.

  • In the event of an accident, the instructor wiII supervise procedures.

  • When an exercise has been completed, the student should not immediately “turn off’ his or her attention.

  • Please listen for the instructor’s direction to rest.

  • Change groups quickly and energetically in the center.

  • Maintain chessboard formation during the center exercises, and maintain straight lines throughout class.

  • Do not block the accompanist’s view during center work and diagonal combinations.

  • Leave personal/emotional problems outside of the studio. If you feel that you are unable to keep in control please ask to be seated, or take an absence.

  • Look Good! Groom yourself to feel better in class. Take pride in the way you appear.

  • After the lesson, remain on the floor until the instructor retreats from the center of the room to acknowledge the accompanist.

  • This is a place of business; students/families must conduct themselves in a quiet, controlled, appropriate manner in all areas of the building. Please turn off cell phones. Young children should not be left unattended.

  • No running.

  • Wear street clothing, warm-ups over your dancewear when outside of the studio. Do not wear
    dance shoes outdoors.

Give it your best! You are only in competition with yourself.

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