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Helping our Hearts Heal

with Erica Hornthal, Dance Therapist

Moving Toward Safety through Dance/Movement

Come join us for 90 minutes as we explore healing through dance/movement therapy. When our environment feels unstable, it is vital to turn to our bodies and community for a sense of safety and well-being. For the first hour, we will move in community, for the last half hour we will have an open discussion and reflection on our collective experience. recommended for teens


Rosy Tyree , Art Therapist, LCPC, ATR

Exploring Highland Park through art therapy with found objects.

Come join us for an hour as we explore healing through art therapy with the use of found objects. We encourage you to bring a found object that is from Highland Park and our surrounding communities. A found object can be a stick, stone, leaf, a photo or practically anything. Use your imagination! For the first half of the hour, we will create art; for the second half, we will have an open discussion about our creations. recommended for 8 and up


Dr. Ritu Trivedi-Purohit, PsyD

Clinical psychologist

Dr. Trivedi-Purohit will be there for those looking for healing guidance.


Limited space is available. Register here:

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