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Pre-Dance Showcase

The Little Mermaid

Our showcase for our Pre-Dance Division students (ages 2.5 - 6) is a very exciting, yet comfortable experience for our youngest dancers. It is an optional performance opportunity for all dancers enrolled in the 2nd session. This on-stage production gives dancers the opportunity to showcase what they have learned in an informal stage setting. Dancers are provided with simple costumes and headpieces. Our Pre-Dance Classes pair with our North Shore Ballet Theatre to present the story of The Little Mermaid. These productions are fun and exciting for all; they will certainly put a smile on your face!

Please see below for 2023 Pre-Dance Showcase Details:

* Details subject to change as time goes on based on updated COVID-19 safety protocols * 

Important Dates


Monday, March 6th

Costume Hand-out & Parent Observation

April 24th - May 5th

Dress Rehearsal

Friday, May 5th from 4:30- 6:45pm

Lake Forest Academy

Schedule Below


Saturday, May 6th

Show 1: 10:00am

Show 2: 12:00pm

Dress Rehearsals 

Dress Rehearsal and Performance Location:

Lake Forest Academy

1500 W Kennedy Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045

DRESS REHEARSALS- Friday, May 5th, 2023

Dress Rehearsal Schedule:

Please check your dancer's scheduled class time to find the show they will be in.

Show 1: 4:30pm- approx. 5:15pm

Show 2: 5:30pm- approx. 6:15pm

General Reminders

General Rehearsal / Performance Reminders:

  • Students should come dressed in their costume. Dressing rooms will not be open for changing at the theater. Bring ballet shoes, tap shoes, or hip hop shoes.

  • All hair must be pulled out of your child's face. Please put all long hair in a smooth bun or a ponytail. Dancers will be given a headband or clip headpiece at the theater.

  • Combination and Multiple classes: Your child should be dressed in their first costume. Send the other dance costumes and shoes in a bag with your child's name on everything. Teachers and assistants will assist with changing the students between dances.

  • Make-up is optional for dancers.

Last Minute Theatre Reminders:

  • No food or drink in the theater at any time.

  • Only one parent is permitted to come to the stage at pickup.

  • No flash photography in the theater, it can be dangerous to our dancers.

  • Video taping is available during the dress Rehearsal and Performance.

  • All parents and children must stay back from the stage and must not block the aisles while the show and rehearsals are in progress.

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