The Peanut Cracker

Pre-Dance Division students (ages 2.5 - 6) have the opportunity to help tell the story of a holiday favorite: The Nutcracker. We create a very comfortable experience for our youngest dancers and offer this as an optional performance opportunity for all dancers enrolled in the 1st session. This on stage production gives dancers the opportunity to showcase what they have learned so far in class in an informal stage setting. Dancers are provided with simple costumes which are worn over their normal classroom attire. Our 1st Session Pre-Dance Classes pair with our North Shore Ballet Theatre to provide a perfect blend of ages and talent to keep all engaged and entertained. These 1 hour productions are colorful and fun for all; it will surely put you in the holiday spirit!

Please see below for 2021 Peanut Cracker Details:

* Details subject to change as time goes on based on updated COVID-19 safety protocols * 

Important Dates

  • TBD


  • NSSD is closely monitoring CDC Guidelines and will release more information regarding ticketing closer to the Showcase date. Stay tuned!

Tickets On Sale: TBD

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Dress Rehearsals


  • Please check which show your child is in, and the rehearsal time. Each rehearsal is divided up by show, so please be on time so your dancer does not miss their dance onstage. Once your dancer is done performing, you are free to leave.

  • Dancers are to be kept with you in the theatre until they are called to go onstage.

  • If your dancer is in multiple classes, change your dancer quickly as soon as they come off stage.

  • We will be running the show in order to help your dancer get familiar with the show.

  • Dancers in Combo Class only perform ONE Dance in Peanut Cracker.

  • Please let your instructor know if your dancer will not be at the rehearsal and/or the show.



  • Performances are approximately 1 hour and include performances by North Shore Ballet Theatre.

  • Dancer's should arrive ready to go 30 minutes before the showtime. PLEASE plan extra time for parking.

  • Bring your child into the theatre when you arrive (dancers do not need a ticket). Your child's class will be called onstage when it is time to go backstage to begin the show.

  • Multiple classes: Your child should be dressed in their first costume. Send the other dance costumes, headpieces, and shoes in a bag with your child's name on everything. Teachers and assistants will assist with changing the students backstage.

  • At the end of the show (finale), the children will be brought back onstage for a final bow and pick-up. Please, only one parent per child should come to the stage for pick-up.

General Reminders

General Rehearsal / Performance Reminders:

  • Students are to wear their costume and additional pieces. Bring ballet shoes and/or tap shoes.

  • Please take your child to the bathroom before the dress rehearsal/performance.

  • All hair must be pulled out of your child's face. Please put all long hair in a smooth bun or a ponytail.

  • Make-up is optional.

  • We are not having any professional photos taken this year for Peanut Cracker.

Last Minute Theatre Reminders:

  • No food or drink in the theatre at any time.

  • No flash photography in the theatre, it can be dangerous to our dancers.

  • Videotaping is available during the dress rehearsal and performance. Please do not block other viewers or the aisles with personal camera equipment. Be considerate of guests around you.

  • All parents and children must stay back from the stage and must not block the aisles.