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The Peanut Cracker

Pre-Dance Division students (ages 2.5 - 6) have the opportunity to help tell the story of a holiday favorite: The Nutcracker. We create a very comfortable experience for our youngest dancers and offer this as an optional performance opportunity for all dancers enrolled in the 1st session. This on-stage production gives dancers the opportunity to showcase what they have learned so far in class in an informal stage setting. Dancers are provided with simple costumes and a fun headpieces. These productions are colorful and fun for all; it will surely put you in the holiday spirit!

Please see below for 2023 Peanut Cracker Details:


  • NSSD is closely monitoring CDC Guidelines and requires that all audience members abide by theater guidelines

Tickets On Sale:

November 1st at 9:00 AM

​Theater Box Office will be closed

Dress Rehearsal:

Friday, December 1st



Sunday, December 3rd

 10:30 am & 12:00pm


Dress Rehearsal & Performances at

Lake Forest Academy, 1500 W Kennedy Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045

Dress Rehearsals

Friday, December 1st @ Lake Forest Academy

  • Dancers need to be ready and in costume 5-minutes before stage time

  • Once your dancer is done performing, you are free to leave.

  • Dancers are to be kept with you in the theatre until they are called to go onstage.

  • We will be running the show in order to help your dancer get familiar with the show.

  • Please let your instructor know if your dancer will not be at the rehearsal and/or the show.

-Show 1  Dress Rehearsal: 4:30 pm- approx. 5:15pm
- Show 2 Dress Rehearsal: 5:30 pm- approx 6:15pm


Sunday, December 3rd @ Lake Forest Academy

Show 1 @ 10:30 AM
Show 2 @ 12:00 AM

  • Performances are approximately 45 minutes hour and include performances by North Shore Ballet Theatre.

  • Dancers should arrive ready to go 30 minutes before the showtime. PLEASE plan extra time for parking.

  • Bring your child into the front entrance, run to the bathroom, change shoes, and make sure your costume and headpiece are on before heading to the "Drop Off" area

  • At the end of the show (finale), the children will be brought backstage and dismissed to you by their teachersat the "Pick Up" area. 

General Reminders

General Rehearsal / Performance Reminders:

  • Students are to wear their costume and performance mask upon arrival. Don't forget the ballet shoes!

  • Please take your child to the bathroom before the dress rehearsal/performance.

  • All hair must be pulled out of your child's face. Please put all long hair in a smooth bun or a ponytail.

  • Make-up is optional.

Last Minute Theatre Reminders:

  • No food or drink in the theatre at any time.

  • No flash photography in the theatre, it can be dangerous to our dancers.

  • Videotaping is available during the dress rehearsal and performance. Please do not block other viewers or the aisles with personal camera equipment. Be considerate of guests around you.

  • All parents and children must stay back from the stage and must not block the aisles.

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