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Adaptive Dance Program:
Abilities in Movement

NSSD is committed to helping all dancers find their place in the dance community by providing a positive movement experience, improving mind and body awareness, verbal and nonverbal communications, adaptation to different situations, socialization, and self-confidence. It is our mission to celebrate and help mold dancers from all walks of life and enhance their abilities through movement. 

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How Do We Do It?

  • We use a combination of music (process, learn, and listen) coupled with physical dancing (move, practice, and repeat) to stimulate the understanding of information on a multitude of levels.

  • This class improves the use of the dancer’s fine and gross motor skills through exercises, props, games, and touch.

  • We encourage independent work in a group setting and offer opportunities for increased verbal and non-verbal social interaction and communication.

  • We adapt to different situations through creative movement and role play to provide tools that aid in the social capacity of the student by stimulating emotional expressiveness.

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Program Dates

Sensory Friendly Dance




Spring: April 14th, 21, 28, May 5,12  

Time: 4:00-4:45

Dancers in the Spring Session will have the opportunity to perform in the Spring Concert on May 19.


Diverse Dancers


Sessions: To be arranged with the studio 

Which Class is For You?

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Sensory Friendly Dance

Ages 4-9:

This sensory friendly class is available for dancers who are comfortable in a group learning environment. Class will follow the elements of the structured teaching method to help guide students through the movements and activities of class.  In addition to a small class size, multiple teachers and teen dance partners will be present to provide a more personalized experience. Dancers enrolled in the Spring session will have the opportunity to perform in the Spring Concert.


Diverse Dancers

All Ages Through Adult:

This personalized class will address the cognitive and physical needs of the student in order to create a positive, fun, and safe learning environment. Current students in this program have a range of support needs and use a variety of assistive technologies, including mobility equipment. Teachers work with dancers to create a class focus based on ballet, tap, jazz, modern, or lyrical dancing. Each class finishes with a choreography section and opportunities to perform. Efforts will be made to combine dancers of the same age and movement abilities to provide a social element to classes.

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