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NSSD Street Dance Company

A New Experience For Our Students

We are excited to announce that we are starting a new street dance company here at NSSD, and we are looking for talented dancers to join!

Under the direction of MissG, this new crew will focus on developing well-rounded dancers in the street dance genre of movement, going beyond just hip hop. Street dance is the umbrella term for all styles of dance that originated in the communities, outside of the studio setting.

Some dance disciplines under the street dance umbrella include but are not limited to  Hip Hop, Waacking, Vogue, Breaking (breakdancing) Popping, Locking, House, and Litefeet. Dancers will get to learn more than just choreography. They will get to experience different music, movement, dance vocabulary and technique all within street dance. 

It's More Than Just A Cool Dance

Contrary to popular belief, street dance disciplines all have specific vocabulary and precise technique that is needed to properly execute the dance, just like ballet, tap, modern, etc. 

In the studio setting, Hip Hop has always been the "catch-all" discipline for anything that wasn't any of the traditional disciplines offered in dance schools. However, this has led to some confusion as to what Hip Hop truly is. The proper umbrella term for dances created in social settings and in the community is street dance, not Hip Hop. Hip Hip is just ONE of the many disciplines that fall  into this category.  
Hip Hop classes typically also incorporate choreography into the curriculum, but this has never actually been a part of the culture, although Hip Hop and other street disciplines have gone mainstream, and choreographed displays of those styles can now be appreciated on stages and even in TV shows, movies, etc.  
Our mission is to not only teach the history of different dance styles under this umbrella, but also teach our company members how to actually express themselves in that dance dialect on their own. We want to uphold our mission to teach our students HOW to dance, instead of just teaching them a dance.

Dancers will have amazing opportunities to enhance their skills and showcase their talent. Our street dance company will get to learn how to perform in various environments, including live performances, competitions, and in front of the camera. Our crew will also be featured in stunning visuals for social media, as well as projects produced by MissG's visual arts company, Alight Movement.
Part of their primary training will include learning how to actually perform for film projects, as this is something that is now huge in the commercial dance spaces. Students will get as close to the authentic experience of being a street dance performance artist as possible.

Meet your Company Director

MissG is a storyteller, a performance teaching artist and a visual arts producer. She's been producing video content since 2008 and has extensive experience working with kids ages 1.5 all the way to professional level students. She has a passion for using dance and cinematography to tell powerful, entertaining and meaningful/inspirational stories. She has over 20 years of teaching and choreographic experience. MissG has had the pleasure of producing several dance videos with students from all over, from Florida to chicago and beyond. MissG has also worked with students at competition level and she has featured many of her students in her company's live performances. You can read a bit more about her here 

What Are We Looking For?

We can't do this without a solid commitment from you

We are primarily looking for dancers who already have hip hop training experience (we will consider dancers with no hip hop experience who have danced for other NSSD companies or those that are strong in picking up choreography) and dancers who meet the following criteria:

  • Are in Junior Advanced levels and up

  • Are interested in learning how to perform in film projects

  • Have a strong work ethic

  • Can commit to weekly rehearsals and technique classes (2 classes a week)

  • Are open to studying more than one style of dance within the street dance genre

  • Can commit to yearly performance/competition opportunities

  • Are interested in learning how to go beyond dance and actually tell stories that may be socially relevant, deep or thought provoking such as topics around peer pressure, mental health, bullying etc. 

Does this sound like you? If the answer is yes, then we want you in our crew!

Tap below to sign up for the auditions here.

hip hopStreetdance Company Auditions (1440 x 2560 px).jpg

When are auditions? 

What additional fees are expected as a company member?


January 13, 2024 Time 1PM-2PM

What is expected at the audition?

Dancers will be expected to freestyle/improv as part of the audition in addition to learning choreography. Dancers will need to be willing to participate in both segments of the audition process in order to be considered for company. Auditions will begin on time, so check-in will begin a half hour before the auditions start. Once auditions begin, registration/sign-ins will close and no one will be permitted in the room late. The freestyle portion of the audition is to determine the dancer's ability to dance unprompted. The choreographic portion is to determine the dancer's ability to pick up movement sequences and to observe how well they work in a group setting.

Fees that company members can expect in addition to their regular company fees are: 

  • Costumes

  • Competition Fees

  • Any fees associated with live performance opportunities outside of the studio 

  • Videography for film projects

  • Post production work / editing fees for film projects 

  • Any fees associated with the production of any film projects or live performances such as venue rental fees. 

** Fundraising opportunities may be available to offset production costs.

What is the expected commitment level ?

Do you offer a trainee program for this division?

We will be offering a trainee position within the company for students who are not yet ready to join the main cast of dancers. Dancers are only eligible to join the trainee program if they attended the audition and received an invitation to join. This program is for those who are almost ready, but still need additional support/training in order to get to the level required to join the main group of dancers. If your dancer doesn't receive an invite for the trainee program, they will need to either enroll in hip hop classes at the school or continue their current hip hop training, attend any workshops/intensives offered and then try out again the following season. The nature of this division does not allow for more intensive training that some students may need, as we will be moving at a fairly fast pace, so please do not be discouraged if you don't make it the first time. Times/Days for trainee classes are TBD.

Dancers will be asked to commit to weekly technique class and rehearsal (2 classes per week) from January 2024 through the end of the season.

Classes will take place on Thursdays from 5:15PM to 6:15PM and 6:30PM to 7:30PM. Because we are starting so late into the season, we will complete 1 film project and 1 live performance. Dancers will have to adhere to a firm attendance policy given the time constraints. Company members that are consistently late/absent will lose their eligibitliy to participate in any of the ongoing projects. 

Extra rehearsals may be necessary from time to time but this will be communicated to everyone in advance. 

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