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Student Demonstrators

Our student demonstrators attend younger classes in various styles to assist teachers with larger classes. They help by demonstrating choreography and correct technique, so the teacher can watch the students properly. Demonstrating is a great way to get in extra practice and get a closer look at what it is like to teach younger students.


Are you Ready to Become a Demonstrator?


The role of a demonstrator is extremely important. Demonstrators can have a huge effect on the atmosphere of the classroom; if they are enthusiastic and set a positive example, they will influence the students in a positive way. As a demonstrator, you will learn a great deal more about dance as a unique art form. You will see things that will help you with your own technique. Students wanting to be a demonstrator at North Shore School of Dance are encouraged to apply for a position. Dancers must be at least 12 years old, in a minimum of 2 dance classes per week, and a Jr. 3 level or above to be considered. The position is volunteer.


  • At least 12 years of age

  • in a minimum of 2 dance classes per week

  • Jr 3 level or above

  • Demonstrator Classes are chosen based on the high amount of students in a class, not on convenience of a dancer’s schedule.

  • Demonstrators must adhere to the Demonstrator Handbook and Dedicated Dancer Handbook at all times.

  • A contract and a list of expectations will be e-mailed to students upon acceptance. Student must be 12 years of age, enroll in a minimum of 2 classes at NSSD, and be at least a Jr. 3 level in the same style dance class to apply for position.

  • Demonstrating is a learning experience, therefore, not eligible to receive any tuition credit.


If you are interested please contact us with the following information:
  • Days Available (Monday-Saturday)

  • Styles Preferred (Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Pre-Dance...etc.)

  • Explain why you want to be a demonstrator and what you can offer the kids.

  • Let us know if you have any scheduling conflicts or absences.

Email with the Subject Line "Student Demonstrator".
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