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NSSD COVID-19 Safety Policies

Please review our COVID-19 Safety Protocol to be prepared when entering the studio.

Please read the 2021/22 Liability Waiver and ensure that you have a signed waiver on file

Safety Protocol

As of Monday, February 28, 2022, face masks will be optional for all dancers and staff. Be mindful that some individuals may want to continue wearing a mask.

* Adjustments and updates will be made on an ongoing basis to abide by CDC and government regulations *

Before Class Dancers Will....

  • Listen for instruction before exiting the studio

  • Maintain social distance by walking single file and/or using social distance when standing ​​

  • Bring enough water for class and drink/eat socially distant in halls

  • Use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands when reentering


  • Have a back-up mask with you in case 

In-Between Classes

  • ​Sanitize and/or wash their hands

  • Be given a basket to put belongings in

  • Put the basket in the designated place

  • Change into their dance shoes/socks- NO BARE FEET

  • Maintain social distance when waiting to enter

  • Sanitize hands when entering the studio

After Class

Mandatory For All

  • Abide by all rules and protocol

  • Dancers 12+ and vaccinated: Quarantine is not mandatory upon traveling 

  • Dancers under 12 and/or unvaccinated: Must quarantine for 10-14 days upon traveling 

  • Stay home if you or your dancer shows signs of a fever (above 100.4), cold/flu-like symptoms, runny nose, or cough

  • Listen for instruction to exit the studio

  • Sanitize and/or wash hands

  • Change into street shoes and take their basket

  • Travel single file with distance to exit

  • Drop off their basket and take a pump of hand sanitizer at the exit

What To Expect

  • Dressing rooms are CLOSED

  • Small bags permitted- NO LARGE DANCE BAGS

  • Drop off/Pick up no more than 5- minutes early

  • LOBBY IS CLOSED for waiting- pick up/drop off as early as five minutes only

  • Limited class sizes at 2/3 capacity 






  • We will follow rigorous sanitation protocols that include:

  • Routine sanitation of high-touch surfaces

  • Keeping sanitization wipes, spray, and gel outside every studio 

  • Routine spraying of bathrooms 

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